Four Pillars of Innovation Training.

At Summit Leaders, we have based our innovation training program on four pillars: (1) Entrepreneurship; (2) Mentorship; (3) Education; and (4) Networking. Collectively, these four pillars work together to help youth not only to understanding important concepts that will help them view the world through the lens of innovation, but provides them with the social empowerment to help them reach their potential.



The core of the Summit Leaders program is a business pitch competition. Students come up with a start-up business idea and develop a business plan to commercialize their product or service over the course of Summit Leaders' three-month program.

Summit Leaders takes a modern approach to entrepreneurship. The program uses an inquiry-based method for solving problems in an iterative, evidence-based and customer-centric manner. Students are asked to think critically about how to solve important commercial and personal pain points using emerging technologies.

Students are introduced to a philosophy of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship that can be applied to all aspects of life and work. 




Mentorship is a core component of the Summit Leaders program. At Summit Leaders workshops, students participating in the program receive coaching sessions with graduate students in business and engineering as well as with seasoned professionals to help them refine and evolve their business plan.

At Summit Leaders, we strongly believe that both mentorship and sponsorship are key aspects of a healthy and robust innovation ecosystem. While mentorship can help increase engagement, work performance and confidence, sponsorship and advocacy is critical for helping to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including in innovation and technology.



Over the course of Summit Leaders' program, students participate in workshops on topics relevant to building their business plan including market analysis and sizing, financial analysis, competitive analysis and presentation skills.

These educational workshops provide the structure and frameworks to assist the students in developing robust business plans. In addition to workshops, the program provides deliverables that integrates into existing curriculum, allowing for harmonization and alignment between the program and the curriculum.



Throughout the Summit Leaders program, workshops and networking opportunities are provided for the students to help them build their network, and to introduce them to professional leaders in the community who can provide insights on career paths. 

At Summit Leaders, our philosophy is that the development of social capital can be just as important as the development of academic skills when it comes to preparedness and engagement in technology, innovation, and work.

We strive to ensure that youth are empowered with the networking skills, tools and access to help activate and develop their networks.