Dedicated experts with experience in technology, business and entrepreneurship


Ground Team


The Summit Leaders program is run with the support of numerous community stakeholders


Chapter Leads
Our Chapter Leads spearhead Summit Leaders programs across Canada, for our chapters in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. Our Chapter Leads are professionals in a variety of areas including consulting, operations management and finance.

Summit Leaders partners with Master of Business and Master of Engineering students at local universities to act as business coaches for student participants in the Summit Leaders Program.

Each Summit Leaders cohort competes in a regional pitch competition, which is judged by professional and community leaders including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, senior managers and C-level executives.


Senior Leadership

Summit Leaders' Senior Leadership consists of a dedicated team of individuals with experience in law, consulting, education and entrepreneurship.


Jennifer Bates
President and Board Member

David St Bernard
VP Finance and Board Member

Jacquie Richards
VP Partnerships and Board Member


Peter Blanchard
VP Operations and Board Member

Aditya Badami
VP Marketing and Board Member


Laura McGee
VP Development and Board Member

Marco Clabassi
VP Curriculum and Board Member